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30 Aug

The main COM801 site used to be housed here, but now this blog has been transformed into a digest especially for those who find it more convenient to follow me on All [Read More] links jump to the main site. Thanx again!


Creative Alchemy: GMO-Project: Homecoming

1 Dec

Homecoming is part of a larger framework called GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Project (GMO), which was unknown to me until Yaoi Revolution (YR) took on the English distribution of this title. I like the simplicity of the cover; the art is quite pleasing–I really love their lips–but that’s kind of where my appreciation for this title ends. [Read More]

Tono Haruhi & Mamahara Ellie: Mr. Kayashima’s Graceful Life

21 Oct

Tono Haruhi and Mamahara Ellie’s Mr. Kayashima’s Graceful Life is a very passionate tale of a nobleman and his gardener. They are quite the pair; I just fell more and more in love with them with each chapter. [Read More]

Okadaya Tetuzoh: Senya Ichiya

18 Sep

Disgusting. Halfway through, that’s the exact word that came to mind. That’s all I could really think while reading Senya Ichiya. It was utterly disgusting how… [Read More]

Hear Our Voice: The Licensing of Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai

7 Sep

In response to my commentary on the matter, luzy-fool stated that ”we should let DMI know what we expect from them and offer a few suggestions.” So, here we are; we created a survey to do just that. [Read More]

DMI’s licensing of Yoneda Kou’s Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai

25 Aug

I’ve been having conversations here and there about this, so I figured I’d collect some of my thoughts here. [Read More]

Art: Washu M

18 Aug

When I first read Silent Running, I initially said this regarding the art:

The artwork is nice with good detail, although the faces lean toward the generic side. They kind of remind me of some of the lower quality CG animated faces in films like Vexille, where they fall into this weird space between realistic and generic and characters of a certain age, regardless, of gender, look pretty much the same. If it was more stylized or leaned a little closer to realistic, I probably wouldn’t feel the need to comment, but as it does not, I do. [Read More]

Itoshi & Lehanan Aida: Orochi no Kishi Pt.2

12 Aug

One hundred or so pages later, but still not at the end; I’m hesitant to move further. Yaoi Revolution mentioned on their Facebook page that there would be a second volume. I am very happy and very anxious. I haven’t finished the first volume yet, so I don’t know if I should be anticipating a continuation or not, but I assume that both Mouse and Sadao will be returning, because what would it be without them? So, looking forward to more of one of my new favorite couples is something that makes me quite giddy. BUT, what if only one of them … AH! Perish the thought! It just wouldn’t be right. [Read More]

Itoshi & Lehanan Aida: Orochi no Kishi Pt.1

27 Jul

Itoshi & Lehanan Aida’s Orochi no Kishi is the first BL novel from the new indie BL publisher, Yaoi Revolution. The story is set more than half a century into the future from now on what I hope is an alternate timeline. It’s like the frontier lands, sans the promise of and hope for a brighter future. Not quite Mad Max, but neither is it a far cry. The issues that plague today’s society are still doing their best to strangle the life out of the world. [Read More]

Themes: Ogawa Chise

14 Jul

I have some secondary thoughts regarding Ogawa Chise. She is fond of the possessive, controlling seme. She put quite the spin on it in Kono Ore ga Omae Nanka Suki na Wakenai (2012), so that it registered but didn’t set off any alarms. I like the possessive, controlling seme, but there’s a line that’s easily crossed when your characters lurk in that territory. [Read More]

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